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Class D – History (General)

Subclass DA – Great Britain

Subclass DS – Asia

Class G – Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

Subclass G – Geography (General), Atlases, Maps

G 369-503: Special Voyages and Travels

G 521-539: Adventures, Shipwrecks, Buried Treasure, etc.

G 540-550: Seafaring Life, Ocean Travel, etc.

G 575-890: Arctic and Antarctic Regions

Subclass GC – Oceanography

Subclass GN – Anthropology

Subclass GR – Folklore

Subclass GV – Recreation / Leisure

Class V – Naval Science (General)

Subclass VA – Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation

Subclass VK – Navigation / Merchant Marine

VK 15-124: History, conditions, etc.

VK 381-397: Signaling

VK 401-529: Study and teaching

VK 549-572: Science of Navigation

VK 573-587: Nautical Instruments

VK 798-997: Sailing directions, Pilot guides

VK 1000-1249: Lighthouse Service

Subclass VM – Naval Architecture / Shipbuilding / Marine Engineering

VM 15-124: History

VM 311-466: Special Types of Vessel

VM 595-989: Marine Engineering

General Education Titles may be found in the Student Services Office




In Student Services Office


Class A – General Works

Class B – Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

Class C – Auxiliary Sciences of History

Classes E and F – History of the Americas

Class H – Social Sciences

Class J – Political Sciences

Class K – Law

Class L – Education

Class N – Fine Arts

Class P – Literature (Fiction)

Subclass PE – English Language

Subclass PN – Literature (General)

Subclass PQ – French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Literature

Subclass PR – English Literature [PR6000 - PR6200 in Slocum Library]

Subclass PS – American Literature

Subclass PZ – Fiction and Juvenile

Class R – Medicine

Subclass SH – Aquaculture / Fisheries / Angling

Class T – Technology

Class U – Military Science

Nautical Science Titles may be found in the Joshua Slocum Library

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